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Awesome Breathing

Awesome Breathing

Awesome Breathing is a simple, elegant tool to guide and visualize your breathing. Use it every day to help your meditation, relaxation, or breathing practice, or to simply bring a few moments of calm to your day. Just breathe! NFTs - NFT Viewer

Organize, browse, and show off your blockchain-based NFTs and digital collectibles! An NFT viewer made for collectors, by collectors that is 100% free.

Awesome Meal Tracking

Awesome Meal

Awesome Meal is food tracking and intermittent fasting made simple. It's the fastest, easiest way to start a photo-based food diary. Just snap photos of your meals, then view what you eat and drink on an interactive timeline.

PepCalc Peptide Calculator


PepCalc is an easy to use peptide calculator that determines how many IUs or tick marks to measure in an insulin syringe of any size after reconstitution of research peptides. A great tool for measuring peptide doses.