Simple guided breath pacer
for meditation and calm.

Awesome Breathing is a simple, elegant tool to guide and visualize your breathing. Use it every day to help your meditation, relaxation, or breathing practice, or to simply bring a few moments of calm to your day. Just Breathe!

Awesome Breathing App Screenshot


  • Fully customizable inhale, exhale, and (optional) breath hold durations, or choose from program presets to help with stress, sleep, and focus (Box Breathing, Relaxing Breathing, Equal Breathing, and Measured Breathing).
  • Clean, simple interface allows for uncluttered and calming breathing pacer experience
  • Sessions can be free-form (no duration) or timed duration
  • Optional pre-session countdown timer allows for a few moments to "settle in" before your session begins
  • Bells can be enabled to signal the beginning and end of your sessions
  • Optional guided vocal cues signal when to inhale, exhale, and hold so breathing can be done without looking at your device
  • Optional background audio tone rises and falls in volume along with each breath

We hope Awesome Breathing helps you reach your goals, and look forward to being a part of your journey!